Djukanovic: All in collusion with the political factor

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Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that, after the special state prosecutor statement, there was no doubt that the events of October 16 were done in collusion with the political factor from Montenegro.

“I listened to the prosecutor and it turned out to be true what we suspected. Now, we have to complete the evidence and create conditions to raise the indictment. All of this happened because of politics, and this is all done in collusion with the political factor in Montenegro. I hope that this process will be finished and that we will get in the way of those who, on the account of their political, media and non-governmental action, want to topple the state “, Djukanovic said today after the constitutive session of the Assembly in Cetinje, reports the CDM.

He states that the talks with the coalition partners are promising and hopes to form an alliance with the natural partners.

“There are more and less pleasant topics in the talks. Everybody wants a bigger piece of the cake, and it’s not uncommon,” Djukanovic said.

As a reminder, the Chief Special Prosecutor, Milivoje Katnić, said yesterday that the organizers of a criminal group, which was supposed to carry out terrorist attacks and cause unrest on the election day of October 16, were nationalists from Russia, adding that there was no evidence of the Russian state involvement. He also stated that the organizer “clearly gave the order to liquidate the Prime Minister of Montenegro” to the members of the criminal group.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro