Djukanovic answering questions of MPs

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Montenegrin Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic, is asnwering today MPs questions.

Representative of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Branko Cavor asked Djukanovic what measures the Government plans to take in order to increase competitiveness at the local level, adding that “there is no progress in thirteen municipalities in the north of the country”.

The Democratic Front representative, Andrija Mandic, asked Djukanovic how would the Government of electoral confidence behave after the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.

On behalf of the parliamentary group of the Socialist People’s Party, MP Radosav Nisavic asked the Prime Minister what are the results in the field of health and health care in Montenegro, ten years after the restoration of independence.

The Bosniak Party deputy Suljo Mustafic, asked Djukanovic what would the Government, within their powers, do in order to stop distribution of the Montenegrin Dictionary of Literary and National Language.

The Social Democratic Party representative, Ranko Krivokapic was interested in what were the facts that Djukanovic based upon his assessment that Montenegro can stand shoulder to shoulder with Monte Carlo or St Tropez.

Independent deputy Dritan Abazovic asked why was the Government “hiding from the public a number of documents that should be public, that, as he says, are mostly related to the distribution of appartments to the officials involved in privatization contracts, the sale of state resources and state property.”

On behalf of the Positive Montenegro parliamentary group, Azra Jasavic asked the Prime Minister what the Government does and what would it do to improve the status of Diaspora in the countries where they live.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro