Djukanovic: Construction of highway Bar-Boljari a smart decision

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Montenegro made a smart choice to build highway Bar-Boljari, said the president of the Government Milo Djukanovic and added that soon the partners in international financial institutions will become aware of this.

As a guest in the show “Responsible response” on Radio of Montenegro, while commenting on critics from the World bank regarding the public debt, especially regarding the highway, he said that the Government made a smart choice and examined and explained this issue very thoroughly.

“I know that we had many objections from political and professional public, but I answered to those critics with very strong arguments. I don’t think that the role of the prime minister, or the minister of finance is to just nodd the head to the authority called International monetary fund IMF or the World Banka”, said Djukanovic.

He thinks that it’s a completely wrong stance to think that institutions, regardless of their competence, have better knowledge of Montenegrin problems and needs compared to the Government.

“I hear them very well, but my starting point is that we know our problems and needs and we have integrity and arguments to defend what is our foundation in decisions that we had made”, said Djukanovic.

He said that construction of the highway will be very good for employment, increase of GDP and creating conditions for valorization of resources on the north of the country, with emphasis on prevention of further emigrations from this area.

Highway is a capital infrastructural project, worth 809,6 million euros, out of which 687 million euros is a loan at Exim bank whose payment period is 20 years with grace period of six years and annual interest rate of two percent.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro