Djukanovic first, Markovic second, every fourth mandate for women

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President of the Democratic party of socialists Milo Djukanovic will be the leader of the electoral list of this party on elections scheduled for the 16th of October, the Presidency of DPS has decided.

Final order on the parliament members list will be defined prior to today’s session of the Main board of the party.

For now it is known that the second place on the list will be occupied by the deputy of the president of the party Dusko Markovic.

Behind Markovic on the list, according to preliminary proposal, a chief of parliamentary club Milutin Simovic will be located, and then the president of the Executive board of Montenegro Airlines Daliborka Pejovic.

Behind Pejovic a place for vice proesident of the government Petar Ivanovic should be reserved.

Pobjeda’s source siad however that changes are possible prior to the meeting of the Main board, because regional principle is relevant too.

According to Pobjeda’s source, 30 percent of the list will be covered by women.

At last nights session the criteria for the order on the list were mainly discussed. The agreement is that every fourth position on the list should be reserved for a woman, said the source from the Presidency.

President of DPS Milo Djukanovic said in an interview given to Pobjeda earlier that there will be significant changes on the list. He said that he thinks that these elections will be a chance for new significant changes, which will be evident on the list for parliament members too.

“We need new people for new measures and new moves that we plan to make”, said Djukanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro