Djukanovic: I am convinced we will win, despite concessions to opposition

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At today’s government session, prime minister Milo Djukanovic reiterated that the offer to the opposition to enter the government was a step the government had to make to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards the lack of unity within the opposition transformed in the distrust towards the institutions, but that he was absolutely convinced that his party would win the elections, despite the concessions.

“The ultimate goal is to create conditions in which the future government can normally function and not as the current government, which invested a lot of energy in protecting the country from destruction by both the opposition and co-called opposition within the government”, he said.

At the end of the session, the PM thanked the ministers who will withdraw from their positions soon, depending on the opposition deal on sharing ministerial posts, in order for the political agreement to be implemented.

At today’s session, the government also adopted a decision on granting conditional grants to municipalities for 2016.

“The decision creates a legal basis allocating €198,000 conditional grant from the state budget to the municipalities of Mojkovac, Rozaje, Danilovgrad and Cetinje to pay a part of the costs of implementing priority investment projects that are of special interest for those municipalities and improving living conditions there”, the government stated.

The government also adopted Information on the need for implementation of the pilot project Programme of Training and Engaging Young People on Preventing Gray Economy.

“The project has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines for the prevention of the gray economy in the labour market, as well as with the guidelines and objectives of the National Strategy for Employment and Human Resources Development. A four month engagement for 100 unemployed university graduates under the age of 29”, the government stated.

The programme activities include: providing technical support and assistance to officials in the affairs of the taxpayers registration, contribution and insurance payers, control of correctness of registration applications and registration decisions; assisting taxpayers in applying tax regulations, processing tax returns, keeping tax records; assisting in call centres work; assisting in the implementation of the project Budi Odgovoran (Be Responsible) and other activities of the inspection services.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro