Djukanovic: I believe NATO member states will ratify the protocol without delay

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Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic believes that NATO member states will recognise Montenegro’s commitment and responsibility and therefore will ratify Montenegro’s Accession Protocol in their national parliaments in order for Montenegro to become a full member of the alliance. Djukanovic said that at the session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in Tirana.

The fact that the NATO Parliamentary Assembly is open to countries that closely cooperate with the alliance is very important. Thereby, mutual confidence and understanding of security issues of mutual importance have been strengthened, said PM Milo Djukanovic at the session.

“My country particularly respects the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. It was this forum that opened the door to Montenegro sixteen years ago at the session in Berlin on 28 November 2000. That was an opportunity for me to address lawmakers from NATO countries and announce that Montenegro, which was formally a part of Milosevic’s Yugoslavia then, saw itself as a part of developed Europe, not as an episode in the destruction of his regime. I also said that any arrangement, according to which Montenegro would be a part of a fourth Yugoslav federation, represented a long-term unfavourable solution for the stability of the region. Our vision has proved to be realistic. Today Montenegro is recognised as a European success story and a factor of stability in the Balkans”, the PM said.


He added that there were few countries had built such friendly relations and mutual respect throughout the history as Montenegro and Albania had.

“We are proud of the fact that our countries and peoples, based on the best traditions, managed to strengthen and modernise bilateral ties, which were not disturbed even in turbulent and tragic 1990s. Today, we are further connected by the same strategic European and Euro-Atlantic goals, as well as by economic and other common interests, and a willingness to jointly contribute to the stability of the region”, said Djukanovic.

He said that after signing the NATO Accession Protocol at ministerial meeting in Brussels on 19 May 2016, Montenegro de facto became a member of the Euro-Atlantic community. He expects the process of ratification of the protocol by the allies to begin soon.


“Montenegro, as a serious and responsible partner, remains committed to fulfilling its obligations in the field of rule of law and strengthening public support for the membership. The new status within the alliance is a motive to continue implementing the reforms at the same pace. I believe that the allies will recognise our commitment and responsibility and ratify the protocol without delay. This will allow Montenegro to become a full member of NATO next year. Your role in this is particularly important”, Djukanovic said and appealed to lawmakers to help push the process through in their home countries, saying “we can contribute to the strengthening of Euro-Atlantic security and security in the Mediterranean.”


“At the time when the world faces many security challenges, not only in Europe and the Middle East, membership in NATO provides the required security. In Montenegro’s case, it is a guarantee that we will be able to manage our future, and thus ensure that the many unpleasant episodes of our recent past will not happen again”, said Djukanovic.

He called in mind that integration in Euro-Atlantic structure was inseparable from the EU integration.

Djukanovic also commented on human rights issue.

“I am convinced that Montenegro as a full member of the alliance would faster progress in all areas, including its mission to raise awareness about the importance of respecting human rights and freedoms. So I want to emphasise the importance of strengthening the role of women in the field of security, especially for traditional societies such as Montenegro’s. In this context, I point out Montenegro’s full commitment to the implementation of the UN Security Council’s resolution 1325 on women’s participation in peace and security decision-making”, he said.


The Prime Minister underscored that we are proud of the fact that Montenegro was the only republic in which there were no wars and destruction during the breakup of Yugoslavia and that it managed to preserve the peace and strengthen multiethnic harmony in the most difficult times. Djukanovic added that as an independent state, Montenegro was recognised as a catalyst of good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation and integration.

“Montenegro’s membership in NATO will further strengthen the stability of the region and in Europe. In political terms, the progress of Montenegro clearly shows that the alliance’s door was open to aspirant countries… This is the best and most compelling response to retrograde forces in the region and beyond… However, the political forces that want to stop the integration process are not fully defeated. On the contrary. They are motivated by security, economic and other challenges the Euro-Atlantic area is facing with and become more active”, Djukanovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro