Djukanovic in Kolasin: We are developing the vision of one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in Europe

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The presence of prestigious international companies Westin and Sheraton in Kolasin is another proof that Montenegro develops the vision of one of Europe’s most prestigious tourist destinations, not only through valorisation of the coast, but of the whole country, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has said in Kolasin today.

The PM, along with tourism minister Branimir Gvozdenovic, attended the presentation of projects for the Hotel Westin construction and Hotel Lipka renovation (future Hotel Four Points by Sheraton). Then he addressed the audience and said he is satisfied because of the fact that Kolasin would be a site where world-famous brands in tourism would have their luxury capacities.

“The presentation has been really impressive. If someone had said six months ago that an American prestigious hotel group would come to Kolasin, we would have been dubious. But now we see that Sheraton and Westing came and I believe that this is something all the people in Montenegro should be happy about”, said the Prime Minister.

Djukanovic said there were intensive works on the site and that the first guests in the Lipka hotel would be accommodated in mid-December.

“The works on the construction of the Westin hotel in Jezerine has also begun. So our vision of tourist and economic development is being implemented. Montenegro has the potential to be one of the most prestigious European tourist destinations, not only through valorisation of the coast, but of the whole country”, Djukanovic said.

He pointed out that Montenegro is the only European tourist destination which has an irreplaceable valuable potential – a place to build a new tourist offer.

“All those who are currently more competitive than us, exhausted their room and now it all comes down to the question whether we would be able to properly valorise the unique natural beauty of our country and to build those tourist facilities that would definitely launch Montenegro in the very top”, said PM.

He pointed out that the north began to be realized their vision that high quality tourism is not reserved only for the Montenegrin coast but for the whole of Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro