Djukanovic in Rozaje: We have energy and passion to win on 16 October

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“I am honoured to be leader of the party which has such winning energy and passion. And we know that without energy and passion there is no DPS victory”, said Milo Djukanovic, addressing the crowd at the convention of the Steady Strides – DPS Milo Djukanovic list in Rozaje yesterday.

Djukanovic thanked people from Rozaje living in Montenegro and abroad for their irreplaceable contribution to the independence restoration of Montenegro.

Speaking about the relation built between the Democratic Party of Socialists and people from Rozaje, Djukanovic said that the ties were built during the past, difficult periods.

“The word confidence explains why the bonds among people of Rozaje, Rozaje and DPS are unbreakable. The trust was built during the long and difficult times that we overcame together”, he said.

Djukanovic said that DPS was a reliable guarantor of civic and multi-ethnic Montenegro and that the country would help minorities as it did in the past.

“We are proud to say that the Democratic Party of Socialists is only reliable guarantor of the multi-religious and multinational Montenegro. Montenegro, led by DPS in the most difficult times, when there were divisions everywhere, accepted 120,000 refugees. This can only be done by a responsible country and a responsible party. We defended civic Montenegro, because we are a civic party open to all, a great, winning party. Therefore we will be willing to cooperate with the minority parties after 16 October, as we have been so far”, the president of DPS said.

Djukanovic spoke about the importance of integration, including regional, European and international, for the stability of Montenegro.

“We need integration in order to secure stability in the country and the region. Also, it is important to show that our system is aligned with the European one, in order for investors to be sure that they can do business under European conditions. We know that everything we did is only the prelude to achieving our goal – that every citizen feels the benefits of capital projects and has European living standard” said Djukanovic.

He presented measures offered in DPS electoral programme for improving life quality of life in Montenegro.

“We have prepared further measures for the citizens in our election programme. Incentives in the form of favourable loan terms will be provided for young people and women. The measure is aimed at increasing participation of these categories of the population in small and medium-sized business. We have prepared two options for those who lost their jobs during the transition process – to provide a source for supporting themselves by developing small business using favourable loans or to further subsidise employers who employ these citizens. For those citizens who were forced to borrow up to €5,000 in order to overcome the various financial problems, we will provide assistance in order to facilitate paying the loans off”, Djukanovic said.

The member of DPS Presidency Mevludin Nuhodzic is convinced that people from Rozaje recognise the right choice in these elections.

“The fact is that residents of Rozaje are wise and clever people who know how to distinguish the good from the bad. That’s why they know what their choice on 16 October should be. We cannot expect anything else from Rozaje, having in mind its contribution to Montenegro’s independence and the result achieved Rozaje which everyone can be proud of… We will have enough energy and passion to defend Montenegro’s freedom on 16 October”, Nuhodzic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro