Djukanovic in Tivat: We are choosing between progress and return to the past

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The president of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Milo Djukanovic, visited Tivat on Tuesday. He met the party leadership –municipal board members, the youth council members and party activists from the town. DPS leader clearly said that on 16 October citizens will choose between further development and overall progress of Tivat and Montenegro and stagnation or return to the past.

He expressed his satisfaction with the support that DPS has in this municipality, pointing out the importance of success in the April local elections. He also thanked Tivat residents for the support they gave to the party.

“Elections in Tivat were the most beautiful introduction to the campaign for the October general elections. The number of those who supported DPS in the last local elections was nearly 65% higher than the result achieved four years ago. Thus the party scored landslide victory in this important municipality”, Djukanovic said.

Commenting on the prosperity and success that Tivat has recently achieved, Djukanovic said that the reason for this lies in the wise state policy led by DPS and the state leadership, but also in the great work of the local government and all those who stood behind the vision of creating a prestigious tourist destination in this part of the Adriatic through their work.

“Tivat is currently in the global market, so even greater challenges are in front of us. Local government must be more efficient, more capable and more transparent than other municipalities”, he said.

He emphasised that investments are not and cannot be the goal per se, but they must contribute to better living conditions for all citizens, which is the main task of both local and state level administration.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro