Djukanovic in Ulcinj: DPS promotes harmonious coexistence of all peoples in our common home

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President of DPS Milo Djukanovic said that Montenegro is a unique example of harmonious coexistence of all peoples. As he said at the convention of the Steady Strides, DPS – Milo Djukanović list in Ulcinj, relied on a beautiful Montenegrin tradition, DPS continued to promote the harmonious coexistence and good relations of all who live in our common home.

Djukanovic said he was satisfied with support DPS traditionally gets in Ulcinj and pointed out that voters in this elections decided whether they want a stable country or return to the past.

“I’m glad that this gathering, like many previous rallies, shows a stable support of Ulcinj residents to DPS policies, which is a proof of the traditionally strong ties between Montenegrins, Albanians and all other peoples who live here”, said Djukanovic.

He emphasised that the value of projects and investments that are currently being implemented in Montenegro is evidence of the progress achieved.

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