Djukanovic: It would be a mere coincidence if DF had nothing to do with occupying the Parliament

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Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic believes it would be a mere coincidence if those who were supposed to occupy the Parliament on 16 October and shoot the people in front of the building had nothing to do with the Democratic Front (DF). He says that this is a political logic, but it needs time to get things legally prosecuted, because it is a process that cannot end in two or three days. Djukanovic points out that the investigation in Serbia confirmed all that DPS had spoken about during the election campaign, as well as before and on the election day. He says that Montenegro has all the information as Serbia does.

“There is a strong involvement of foreign factors when it comes to the Montenegro parliamentary elections.

We also said that they use illegal money in the process and methods that are beyond all regulations and outside of any system of law. It is logical that we were able to deal with perpetrators Montenegro, whereas Serbian authorities dealt with those who organised them and partially with those who inspired them and who paid the organisers. Thus, the second link has been discovered and we are going towards the third link. Mr. Vucic talked about whether there are political structures involved in this and it is true that for the time being there is no clear evidence on that. Therefore, as responsible people, we do not talk irresponsibly. But, a couple a days ago, it was not known or who participated in organising the operation in Serbia and now it is known”, Djukanovic said.

As he said, in a couple of days maybe more details will be known.

“Indeed, it would be a mere coincidence if those who came to occupy the Parliament and shoot at people counted on an unknown people to gather thousands of people in front of the parliament and that this had nothing to do with what the DF leaders announced, inviting people to gather. Now we’re talking in the sphere of political logic”, Djukanovic said, adding that it needs time to get things legally prosecuted, because it is a process that cannot end in two or three days.

Journalists wanted to know whether he felt safe and if the people are safe.

“Of course we’re safe. If we weren’t safe, we would not come here to toast the occasion of the end of the highway section”, Djukanovic told journalists who visited construction site at the newly built Markovina–Lastva Cevska road section.

“You do not need to spread panic among the people. Always in every time and on each meridian there were people who were trying to disrupt the sense of legal security of citizens. Often they were criminals, mafia parts, and as we know this is an organisation that is spread all over the world. Sometimes it was done with political goals, but it never managed to intimidate people and discourage them to work in the interest… We’ll do our best to bring to justice those who attempted to disrupt the legal certainty, whoever they were. Criminals always play the role of perpetrators Djindjic was not killed by academics”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro