Djukanovic – Johnson: Montenegro remains EU integration promoter in the Balkans

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Montenegro was and still is reliable promoter of Euro-Atlantic integration in the Western Balkans, which is the only prospect for lasting stability in the region, said US Senator Ron Johnson, who spoke with Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic on Monday.

Djukanovic thanked the US Senate and Johnson personally for launching the procedure for NATO Accession Protocol ratification, as well as for continued assistance and support of USA to Montenegro and the region on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration.

“This makes Washington’s support even more important for our country, which is a positive example for our neighbours”, the PM said.

Djukanovic reminded Johnson on the long-term partnership and trust that has been built through our relations, commending the United States for its contribution to the return of stability in the region and thus creating the preconditions for the beginning the integration process in the Western Balkans.

Johnson said he was honoured to have chaired the Foreign Political Committee of the US Senate. Last week, the debate on the ratification of the accession protocol was on the committee agenda. He added that despite the fact that his country was busy being engaged in the electoral processes, it would do everything in order for the ratification procedure to be completed as soon as possible. Commending Montenegro for the results achieved, senator Johnson said that Washington would remain committed to the strategic goal – united, free and peaceful Europe, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election. He added that the Montenegro’s membership in NATO would be contribution in this direction.

Djukanovic and Johnson also discussed the current processes in the Western Balkans.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro