Djukanovic: Krivokapic tragicomically defending his position

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Prime minister Milo Djukanovic said that president of the parliament Ranko Krivokapic is tragicomically trying to defend his position and privilege that don’t belong to him anymore.

Djukanovic reminded, as a guest in a show “Responsible response” on Radio of Montenegro that there’s been a “frantic attack” on the management team of the Television of Montenegro (TVCG) with intentions of trying to involve DPS and the government into an attempt of an outside tearing down of a legally chosen team that was responsible for the program of the Public media service.

He said that resignation of the director of TVCG Radojka Rutovic was extorted and that it’s a “highly moral act”.

“Faced with spinning of the arguments, director of TVCG Radojka Rutovic did what is a highly responsible gesture of someone holding a public service position. She resigned and pushed away from herself both the TVCG and all the manipulations. And here we are now, five or six days later we have not only all the ssumptions of the agreement fulfilled, but even those that were additionally added as prerequisites of tha agreement, but there is no resignation of the president of the parliament Ranko Krivokapic. So, what was said on the press conference on 19th of February after the parliamentary dialogue was forgotten”, said Djukanovic.

Instead of the resignation, and after SDP’s fiasco on local elections in Tivat, we got e new interpetation “I may even remain the president of the parliament”.

“So, I would say that this is a tragicomical defense of a personal position and privileges that don’t belong to Ranko Krivokapic anymore”, said Djukanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro