Djukanovic: Montenegro can be compared to Monte Carlo

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Montenegro has long lived and continues to live with the dominant mentality of mediocrity or sub-mediocrity. That mentality has been created throughout the ages because our country always needed donations to survive, said Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. However, he pointed out that currently Montenegro is a country which aspires to be at the same level with the most prestigious tourist destinations in Europe.

On the other hand, Djukanovic has confirmed that the government is determined to terminate the contract with Atlas group that manages the hospital in Meljine. The reason is the fact that the investor has not fulfilled its obligations.

“We are aware that the level of culture in Montenegro is such that we will hardly find a partner who will say ‘I have not fulfilled my obligations’. Every investor, either local or foreign one, attempts to rationalise his/her responsibility and then everything must be ended before a competent judicial entity. Therefore we are looking for the best modalities that will mean the shortest waste of time in order to come out of an unsuccessful arrangement… We will try to quickly get to the new investor that will help us achieve the things that we failed to achieve in the first privatisation arrangement”, he explained.

Regardless of the new investor, Meljine will remain a hospital, the prime minister said.

“It is our firm intention that the facility will remain engaged in providing health care services. It would be good if we had a good quality hotel too… But we are primarily committed to the idea of the facility to remain primarily a hospital. Likewise, we are firmly committed when it comes to the Igalo Institute. There are some kind of unfounded suspicions, which are characteristic for a small and suspicious public such as Montenegro’s. I have no doubt that this location is intended for rehabilitation of tourism, and the plan is to put all the potential further developments there in the same purpose”, he pointed out.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro