Djukanovic: No one can block government’s work

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No one can block the government’s work or the implementation of its policy, said Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. The PM said that he had not recognised such intentions of the opposition ministers at the first government’s session, adding that if such intentions appeared, there were tools to supress them.

“There is no possibility for anyone to block the implementation of the government’s policies. There is not such a possibility even for the PM, if he suddenly became destructive against the state of Montenegro, so there is not such a possibility for representatives of the opposition in the government”, Djukanovic told reporters in Cetinje, where he attended the ceremonial session of the Parliament.

Commenting on yesterday’s first government’s session with opposition ministers, Djukanovic said the atmosphere was very constructive, RTCG portal carried.

“I would say we talked in a democratic, tolerant atmosphere. I did not recognise intention of any of those people to obstruct the government’s work or to block the implementation of some national interests. But, if that happened, no matter where that destruction came from, there is an instrument in the hands of the Prime Minister and he is absolutely capable to suppress that and to provide consistent and responsible implementation of government’s policies to protect and promote national interests of Montenegro”, the PM said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro