Djukanovic proposed new ministers

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic proposed new ministers in the government today in Parliament, stating that he was convinced that they were competent and professional candidates of the ruling coalition.

DF MP Nebojsa Medojevic said that DF, after the scandal ‘’Audio Recording’’, still has an attitude that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the current government.

“Therefore we will continue to boycott Prime Minister’s Hour, but today we have come to tell citizens what the consequences of 25-year rule of the DPS are,” Medojevic said.

He said that all the reforms in Montenegro were doomed to fail, stating that the country needed a big systemic change.

Borislav Banovic (SDP) said that the new ministers are placed in the restricted position to offer something new, regarding the time that until the end of mandate of the government.

President of Positive Montenegro, Darko Pajovic, called the government the Government of unemployment.

“Employment is reduced compared to 2012. according to official data,” recalled Pajovic.

On behalf of the SNP, Srdjan Milic has commented on the proposal of the Prime Minister

“It is clear that not everyone has the same opportunities in Montenegro. Today more than ever dominance of inertia in relation to the ideas and creativity is present,” Milic said, noting that there is no effective rule of law.

The deputy leader of the Liberal Party, Andrija Popovic criticized the work of the Public Service, which he says is not in the service of citizens

Popovic added that the LP is to support the appointment of new ministers.

Djukanovic proposed Budimir Segrt , Predrag Boskovic and Pavle Goranovic for ministers of health, education and culture.

The Prime Minister proposed Zoran Pazin for new minister of justice and for Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Zorica Kovacevic is proposed.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro