Djukanovic: We plan to win the elections, we won’t plead with anyone

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DPS will keep its rating on the coming elections and will be the backbone of the next executive power, said the head of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) and Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic, during the prime minister’s hour in the Assembly. He also commented on announcement of SNP, Demos and URA that they are not interested in forming any sort of coalitions with DPS.

“I took them seriously. We plan to win the elections. We will not chase anyone”, said the prime minister adding that without DPS’ offer to the opposition to join the government, there would be no agreement on free and fair elections.

In this context he said it would be unfair to not include the Positive party into the government, since it was them who made the Agreement happen.

“There is no need for me to be an advocate for the Positive party. I think it would be unfair to exclude them from the arrangement because they contributed to reaching the Agreement”, Mr. Djukanovic said.

He added he is still waiting for suggestions from the opposition for their future ministers.

“According to the announcements, it could happen during this day. And I expect the convening of the Assembly”, he explained and said that parliamentary debate is expected after the national holidays.

In view of the resignation of foreign minister Igor Luksic, and rumors that he could be replaced by someone from the Positive Party, Djukanovic said that at the moment, DPS is not thinking about further political concession.

“We have given our partners a generous offer. Any further concession would put into question our responsibility towards our voters”, said the Prime Minister.

He also commented on the outcome of the elections in Serbia, where the SNS of Aleksandar Vucic, as he said, has achieved a very good result after painful reforms.

“It is a political triumph. And we have reason to be satisfied, because they showed a new quality of relations with Montenegro”, the prime minister said.

He also mentioned construction of the highway, explaining works have been intensified.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro