Djukanovic: We will decide on Marovic responsibly and with full understanding

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Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic announced that the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) would decide on the status of Svetozar Marovic, the chairman of the party’s Political Council, after he had made a plea bargain for several criminal offenses.

“The circumstances of the proceedings conducted in Budva obliged the party to deal with it. DPS will treat these issues. I believe that we will make decisions responsibly and with full understanding”, he told reporters after the Prime Minister question time in the Parliament.

Djukanovic said that currently he could not say whether he would support Gojko Perovic, the opposition candidate for the inspector general of the National Security Agency (ANB).

“I have learned for him from the press. Of course, I will check everything and I will present my position after that. I will carefully check. If there are no specific obstacles, then there cannot be any problems in that matter”, he said, adding that unanimous government’s support is necessary for appointing the ANB inspector general.

Commenting on the government of electoral confidence which includes the opposition representatives, the PM said he did not see that as a problem.

“I am not a kind of a person who cooperates only with like-minded people”, said Djukanovic.

He is aware that there were people in the government who announced that their goal was to remove DPS from power after the elections.

“Our goal is to prevent them from achieving their goal”, Djukanovic said.

He pointed out that both sides had to work in the national interest.

“We will start doing that with the best intentions. PM has appropriate instruments to stop any possible destruction”, he concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro