Djukanovic: We will receive NATO invitation

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that Montenegro was making steady progress towards the European Union and NATO, and that the call for the North Atlantic Alliance should be received at the end of this year.

At the gathering organized by the American Chamber of Commerce “Montenegro-open with the Prime Minister,” Djukanovic said he was not satisfied with the pace of development in the country stating that we still lag behind Europe but that the gap could be bridged with cleverly improving the business climate, using positive experiences and capital.

“I always see the cup as half-empty, the growth rate is insufficient for Montenegro, we need more. We continue to lag behind Europe, this is due to lag of the Balkans, but we can say that we are on the right track,” the Prime Minister said.

He said that during talks with French President Francois Hollande an important part was dedicated to the Montenegrin ambition to receive NATO invitation this year: ’’We deeply respect the fact that Montenegro is not alone on the planet and that everything that is happening on the geopolitical plan is made in accordance with the importance of global policy, including the policy of enlargement of NATO,” said Djukanovic, adding that he very responsibly announced his plan in Cardiff, which means that by the end of 2015, the foreign ministers of NATO member countries estimate whether Montenegro has fulfilled the requirements for the invitation.

Djukanovic said that Montenegro is working hard in order to meet the conditions.

“I am very optimistically waiting for the call to Montenegro for membership in NATO by the end of 2015. We did not recognize in the attitude of Hollande nor in any other high officials of NATO the intention to revise that part of NATO policy, in connection to the enlargement, by inviting Montenegro’’, Djukanovic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro