Djukanovic: Western Balkans in EU in spite of Brexit

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Montenegro is in a phase where it will start with closing the chapters, and this is not the time when we should speak about membership, but about ‘europeization’ of Montenegrin society, said prime minister Milo Djukanovic.

While speaking about Brexit, Djukanovic said that Montenegro respects anyone’s decision to choose their own way, it was reported by web portal of RTCG.

“I’m convinced that it’s in the best interest of the Western Balkans to be in European Union and that the idea of united Europe is superior, because the time of global changes that is happaning now, I’m afraid the Europe isn’t ready”, said prime minister Djukanovic at the lecture “Montenegro ten years later – results and perspectives”, at the Faculty of political science.

He also said that Europe cannot be stable unless Balkan is stable too.

“Because as soon as Europe strats to pay less attention to Balkans, tensions in the region rise”, said Djukanovic, stating that NATO is a military union but that the membership doesn’t mean preparation for war.

He also said that the challenge of all future governments will be to improve quality of life of Montenegrin citizens, and that majority of citizens trust Montenegrin government which is what the election results keep showing.

While answering the questions of the students regarding the public debt of Montenegro, and possibilities for progress, prime minister said that the country has made a good result in the area of consoldiation of public finances.

“The debt is increasing because we inherited a big minus, and we have to use our own resouces, for which we need additional infrastructure which is terribly expensive. In order to develop it, we must engage in loans because we have to choose whether we want to develop or not. I am convinced that Montenegro’s debt is within the limits of sustainability”, said the prime minister.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro