Djukanovic will get a list with the names of new ministers tomorrow

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The signatories to the agreement on free and fair elections will inform the public about the candidates for ministers and a deputy prime minister in the government of electoral trust tomorrow, CdM unofficially learns. It has not been known yet whether the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) will have its representatives in the new government.

The opposition parties which are expected to enter the new government have not still agreed on sharing the ministerial posts offered by PM Milo Djukanovic.

Consultations among Demos, URA Civic Movement, Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Socialist People’s Party (SNP) are ongoing and final list of candidates has not been created yet.

The opposition should get four ministerial posts, two positions of deputy ministers and a deputy prime minister’s post.

Currently, there are two options. According to the first one, the four opposition parties will get one ministerial position each, whereas a non-party figure will be proposed as a deputy prime minister. The second option, which was almost certain until yesterday, includes that SNP holds two ministerial posts after SDP gives up its position in favour of that party.

Although SDP said it was ready to cede its ministerial post to SNP, URA and Demos are of the opinion that the party cannot get the two ministerial positions.

The SNP main board proposed Aleksandar Damjanovic to be the minister of finance and Radivoje Rasovic to be the minister of agriculture.

However, Damjanovic has refused to be a minister in the government of electoral trust. In his note to the main board, he said he publically revealed his reason at the session on 28 April, when his colleagues supported him as a candidate for the ministerial post. However, he has not answered his phone today, so it is impossible to find out why SNP members supported his candidacy and then he rejected it after three days.

“It is not clear whether SNP representatives will be among the members of the government”, CdM’s source said after tonight’s meeting of the opposition.

URA Civic Movement proposed a non-party candidate Boris Maric (NGO Civic Education Centre – CGO) to be the minister of labour and social welfare, whereas Demos proposed its member Goran Danilovic as a candidate for the interior minister.

Leaders of Demos and URA Civic Movement, Miodrag Lekic and Zarko Rakcevic, earlier sent a note to the presidents of SNP and SDP, Srdjan Milic and Ranko Krivokapic, asking them to be responsible and agree about opposition posts in the government of electoral trust. Demos and URA reminded that the interim government should be elected on 4 May. URA and Demos claim that SNP and SDP are confusing the public: SNP by asking two minister seats and SDP by letting others take its responsibility.

Lekic and Rakcevic stated that the best solution would be if the four opposition parties had one ministerial position each. They also suggest SDP and SNP consider sharing the positions of a deputy prime minister, agriculture minister and two minister assistants in the ministries of health care and education.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro