Djurovic: Good luck to British people, we are steadily FOR European Union!

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Montenegrin and British citizens don’t think the same of membership in European Union. Unlike the British people who decided to leave EU after being members for 43 years, citizens of Montenegro, 61.7 percent of them would vote FOR membership today. This is what CEDEM’s research has shown.

First Montenegrin minister of European integrations, professor Gordana Djurovic in a statement for CdM said that certain opposition members already started to promote Euro-sceptic opinions.

„However, I think that situation will not change in Montenegro. We are steadily at 60% of the support ant we will stay there if EU consolidates after this disturbance”, said Djurovic.

And as for the Great Britain, Djurovic thinks that they will not be better off outside the EU because Polish, Romanian and other Europeans will stop taking their jobs.

„I believe that people have been manipulated and provided with spinned information. I am sorry that thinks happend this way. I think this will not make their lives easier, on the contrary”, she said.

She expects that the procedure of Britain’s exit from EU will last up until two years.

„However, EU will try to make it as short as possible. We will know the official position of the EU on 28th of June”, she said.

Asked if British referendum confirmed the joke that EU will fall apart until we get ther, Djurovic responded through a smile:

„The joke is meant for Serbia, not us”, concluded Djurovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro