DN: Democratic Front is lying to citizens and making up supporters

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Democratic front tried to deceive citizens of Montenegro once again, so it used the web portal IN4S and social networks to spread the lie that the first pre-election rally of DPS was attended by a member of the Front, showing the photo of a man photographed from the back who is wearing a blue shirt with a sign “Us or him”, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

On the original photographs of the rally made by Dnevne newspaper Photographer Vedran Ilic, and which were published on CdM portal, it can be seen that there is indeed a person in a blue shirt sitting at the rally, but the letters on his shirt are QUELLE.

Front and those in charge of their campaign entered the zone of criminal action by this, as Dnevne newspaper report, considering the fact that they photoshopped the actual words and replaced it with their pre-election slogan, violating the rights of a person who probably knows nothing about this.


Dnevne nespaper further write that the newest fraud by the Front is nothing but another example of an attempt of deception, like the one from october last year, when they inserted a photo of a beaten man in photos from protests, and it later turned out that it was a photo of a fighter from Syria which was downloaded from the internet by the Front.

This is how DF is creating virtual reality offering this to the less infrmed public as a “proof” of the massive support by the citizens forthe front. Pure fraud! Similar to the one that Milosevic’s agents srved exactly 16 years ago, in September of 2000, when they doubled the photo from the rally in Berane and doubled the atendance of the rally, which was later published on the front page of Vecernje novosti.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro