Dnevne Novine daily: DF launders money through a shop in Danilovgrad

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Agency for prevention of corruption forwarded documentation on DF to state institutions due to indications of crime acts such as money laundering.

According to the director of the Agency Sreten Radonjić, documentation that NOVA, DNP and PzP provided features suspicious transactions, which is why the documentation was forwarded.

„There were questionable parts in the contracts they provided, that point to possible crime acts”, Radonjić said.

Illegal money flows?

Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily have information that institutions are seriously looking into the finances behind DF campaign. Documentation was forwarded to Special State Prosecution, that is to determine whether there is enough basis for further actions.

One of DF’s business partners is company „Đoković doo” from Danilovgrad that owns a clothing shop “Sara”. Company has only one employee, executive director Velimir Đoković.

The shop is being paid for promotion of military neutrality?

This company that makes clothes made a contract with Knežević’s DNP about business cooperation. Article 1 states that the subject of the contract is “business cooperation in implementing activities of the campaign for promotion of Montenegro’s military neutrality”.

Contract that was signed in the beginning of March defines the way money should be paid, and that DNP is to pay an advance of 40.000 EUR to the company.

In accordance to the contract, the company must organize transportation, accommodation, conferences, cocktails, marketing, surveys, security, public relations, design, translation.

NOVA also did business with Đoković’s company

The new contract between these partners was signed on March 31st this year, and it pertains to marketing space for panels DNP uses in the campaign. The price of lease for a month is 27.000 EUR and this contract was paid out right after it was signed. In actuality, DNP paid even more, 32.000 EUR.

NOVA also made a contract with this company for services of administration that NOVA pays 450 EUR per task.

These two political subjects make contracts with a company that makes clothes for business done by big marketing agencies. The company that has one employee provides services from marketing, communication, design, transport, administration…

There are only two explanations for this situation: either this employee is an expert of a special sort or DF uses his company as a money laundering vessel.

The shop was losing money, now is thriving

Company Đoković is registered in Tax administration for trading. Founder is Milodarka Đoković and authorized person Olivera Đoković. Tax administration website shows that the company earned 35.543 EUR last year, and ended the year with the loss of 2.066 EUR.

During this year, their income rose to 98.000 EUR, and their investment was only 12.310 EUR. These money transactions are dubious for a company of this caliber.

Mysterious loans of tens of thousands of euros

The bank account of Đoković doo received loans this year without any explanation. This company received 15.000 EUR, and then 29.470 EUR.

DNP also made a payout of 78.442 EUR, without any information or explanation.

NOVA paid out 3.880 EUR for services of audio support. The company sells clothes.

1.200 computers purchased in one day

The documentation also shows that DF purchased 1.200 laptops and tablet computers, 400 for NOVA, DNP and PzP. This cost more than 130.000 EUR. PIN Montenegro company provided these laptops, but there are no information as to where they ended up.

Did the parties really get the computers or was this a fictitious purchase so that money can change accounts will be shown in the further investigations by the Prosecution.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro