Dnevne Novine: DF Leaders’ organised lying campaign

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Facing an ever more evident disappointment of their supporters and daily decline in ratings, ten days before the elections DF leaders are desperately trying to win a few votes more, using the basest deception and lies. Thus, they ordered their activists in municipalities to introduce fictional names in DF members lists. The story for the public is that these are allegedly the names of former DPS members who left their party and came over to DF, Dnevne Novine newspaper writes.


Surprised by their leaders’ instructions (since they are always talking about “honesty, honour and truthfulness”), some of DF activists could not believe what they were asked to do, DN writes.

Disappointed in the “dignity” of his party bosses, DN’s source from DF told the newspaper what happened at a meeting with representatives of DF Tivat board.

“We were told that the DF will send letters to voters with codes 2, 3, 6 and 7. Those letters will be written in ballpoint pen, in different handwriting and they will be signed by full names of fictitious persons, who allegedly left DPS and came over to DF”, DN’s source said.

At that meeting, Raso Brajkovic from Tivat asked whether to sign these letters, because it is a little inconvenient, since it is said that someone voted for DPS? Milutin Djukanovic, who chaired the meeting, said: You will not sign anyone’s name, adding with a laugh: If you really have someone who left DPS and came to us, then sign.

Brajkovic, however, still insisted on explanations: Someone will figure out, DPS members will see, they will find that there is no such a person in the electoral register, we will be busted. What’s up with those non-existing defectors?


Djukanovic then “taught” him which names to use: For example, some Marko Nikolic from Niksic sent it to you…

DN’s source said that the meeting was held on the eve of DF convention in Tivat. They were afraid that there will not be enough people on the convention, but one of DF leaders told them not to worry about the people: they will come from Niksic, Podgorica. A hundred cars have already been hired from those who like to roam…

This is a part of the plan which very few people in DF are aware about. Therefore, people in municipal committees are confused and do not know what is true.

The aim is to direct the disinformation primarily to its patrons and sponsors from abroad in order to somehow justify the huge resources invested in their campaign. On the other hand, this “lay campaign” is intended for the domestic and international public, in order to create the impression of “hated” DPS’s decline and “favourite” DF’s strengthening. Pursuant to the instructions of the creators of the campaign, DF needs to spin the public, the OSCE and its observers, DN carried.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro