Dnevne Novine: Mr. Vujovic, you’re the one, you cannot hide

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Deputy Prime Minister Milorad Miso Vujovic, born in Mikulici, Municipality of Cetinje, on 17 May 1956, tried to deceive the public by his response to the article published by Dnevne Novine according to which the Mikulic Company (Vujovic is responsible person of which) owes €146,000 for taxes arising from VAT, editors of Dnevne Novine newspaper stated.


According to the newspaper, it is true that there is another Milorad Vujovic employed in the Mikulic Company, but Dnevne Novine has an official document showing that there are there responsible persons in the company, including the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milorad Vujovic. It can be easily checked based on his personal identification number. Dnevne Novine published that document.

“So, Mr. Vujovic, you are the responsible person in the company that owes €146,000 in taxes”, Dnevne Novine said.

As said in the response, the newspaper will not deal with, as it is put, despicable qualifications Vujovic used against DN.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro