Dnevne Novine: Vujovic, pay taxes, do not worry about journalism

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Deputy Prime Minister Milorad Miso Vujovic had two unsuccessful performances on Tuesday. He must have wanted to deny allegations of “the regime and unprofessional” Dnevne Novine, the newspaper wrote.

As DN stated, he firstly deceived the public when he announced that he had nothing to do with Mikulic Company which had €146,000 tax debt and that Dnevne Novine deliberately mixed his identity up. According to DN, a ridiculous tirade about the downfall of the journalistic profession followed.

And when the newspaper, as pointed out, presented to the public an official document and prove that exactly Vujovic was a responsible person in the company, he changed his “defence plan” at a press conference and admitted being for 10 years in Mikulic Company, which he left in 2012. He also said that due to someone’s “mistake” his name was still registered as the person responsible. However, at this very moment, on the Central Registry of the Commercial Court (CRPS) website you can easily find the name of the Vice President Vujovic registered in this company and several others.

Vujovic did not deny the tax debt, nor did he want to comment on it. By the way, Dnevne Novine obtained confirmation that this VAT debt dated back to the period before 2012.

The best message to Vujovic was sent in a reader’s comment published on news portals: “A sum of €146,000, which you owe, is not to be commented, but to be paid!”

That’s right, Vujovic, pay the tax, do not worry about journalism, DN said.

Also, during Vujovic’s afternoon press conference, Dnevne Novine was not labelled as “regime media”, nor were its journalists called unprofessional”, the paper said. As DN put it, that is our Deputy Prime Minister – he changes his opinion quickly… and companies even more quickly! In fact, in the last two decades his name has been connected to a very large number of companies. Four of them are still registered on the CRPS website. As a relevant source confirmed to DN, some of the companies never submitted tax returns or paid taxes at a time when they were managed by Vujovic. It seems that Vujovic perfected his tax evasion technique, DN added. One of the modalities is probably the one used in the Mikulic Company – create debt, sell your share and goodbye, the newspaper said.

DN asked whether Vujovic, after everything he spoke of his “flawless mission in the government of electoral trust” at the press conference, would do something to collect the €146,000 tax debt from Mikulic Company. The newspaper concluded there is a slight possibility for that, because if he is “successful” in everything as in denying Dnevne Novine’s allegations, then the money is unlikely to end up in the state budget.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro