Do not attack my family

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After his family was exposed to the political and media threats, Prime Minister Dusko Markovic sent a clear message to the activists and media associates of the Democrats to stay away from the Markovic family.

Activists of Democratic Montenegro (DCG) claim that they have been attacked twice in Mojkovac, where they are carrying out their door-to-door campaign. Two days ago, they were allegedly attacked by PM’s brother Radoje Markovic and yesterday by Goran Stanisic, an activist of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) from Mojkovac.

After yesterday’s Radoje Markovic’s denial that he had attacked young activists, the prime minister has released a statement today.

“To spare them from wasting time to visit our homes in their electoral campaign, I tell them clearly: Do not come to our doors! Do not provoke, do not go where you are not wanted and do not violate family peace! We will never come to your door!” Markovic says.

He has also had a message for “media specialists” from the Democrats’ bulletin.

“Do your jobs as you wish – write, fabricate, insult the PM, but leave my family alone! Do not cowardly attack people who have nothing to do with politics and public life, and whose only sin is being brothers or relatives of Dusko Markovic,” the prime minister said.

He advised Mojkovac residents to be ready for all kinds of provocations by the Democrats in the next two months, until the local elections.

“Do not give in to the provocations and keep your traditional neighbourly and friendly relations. Because after the November elections, Becic and his clique will leave, and you will stay in Mojkovac! So, I am here, today, and every day, both as prime minister, and as a brother, ready for all your party and media dirt and all your fabrications. But do not endanger family peace and civic freedom of political opponents, regardless which political party they belong to. Do not cross that line that has always been considered as sacred in Montenegro,” he says.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro