Do not go to Germany

Ambassador of Germany in Montenegro Gudrun Steinacker appealed once again to the Montenegrin citizens not to go illegally to Germany, nor to try to find a job by illegal means, because, as she says, they would certainly fail.

“It is difficult to obtain accurate data on number of citizens from the north of Montenegro who went to Germany in an attempt to find a job there. A few thousand people is mentioned in public. Again, I appeal to all not to go there or try illegally to find a job, because they would certainly fail, ” German Ambassador to Montenegro said answering the question whether she has accurate data on number of people from the north of Montenegro that went to Germany.

Talking about tourism and the further development of tourism, she said that there is more than just sun, sea and beautiful nature. She pointed out that tourist market has to been investigated, adding that state should have a concept.
Membership in NATO means security and additional advantage for investors, but there is no guarantees that there will be greater investments if Montenegro becomes a member of NATO. She added that Germany is ready to support Montenegro for membership in the alliance.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro