Do not let Montenegro to become Somalia

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URA Chairman Dritan Abazovic has sent an open letter to Ambassadors of the European Union (EU), Embassy of the United Kingdom, the United States and the OSCE due to, as it is stated, “obvious electoral irregularities in the early elections in Mojkovac, Petnjica, Tuzi and Cetinje “.

Abazovic states in his letter that citizens’ security have been violated during recent local elections.

“This was not the case before, but now we witnessed to attempts of murdering the deputy, attacks to their property, throwing the tear gas on the candidates for the party members, the attacks on the voters at the polls and hospitalizing of the injured in the health facilities at Cetinje and the Clinical Center of Montenegro”, states Abazovic, who submitted to the embassies “extensive material confirming these abuses”,

This material has been handed over to the competent institutions – the Constitutional Court, the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office, the State Election Commission and the municipal election commissions, it is stated in the letter.

“Perhaps the most visible example of abuse and electoral defeat is the ballot papers from which it is clearly seen that ‘authorities’ got support through the coercion. If the voting is done by geometric figures which are not a circle, it is clear that such a mechanism is used to control those citizens who have previously been blackmailed or received money in exchange for support for DPS or one of its satellites. It should be emphasized that no list on which voters voted for the opposition had such symbols, geometric bodies and other methods of marking, which is a clear indicator that the government has influenced the freely expressed electoral will of citizens, “Abazovic quoted in the letter.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro