Doctors should have been suspended immediately

Doctors from the General Hospital in Bijelo Polje should have been suspended immediately after infection of the babies at the Department of Neonatology. Now there is no basis for such a sanction, said Health Minister, Budimir Segrt.

After yesterday’s announcement of the parents of the children infected in November 2014, when one baby died, that they would begin a hunger strike today if the prosecuted doctors were not suspended, Segrt had talks with them this morning.

Health Minister said that they were willing to offer a solution in accordance with the regulations, which would meet parents’ expectations. At the same time he reminded that one flaw in the legal procedures could not be treated with another flaw.

“The suspected doctors should have been suspended after the infection when a baby died, but that did not happen than. Now there is no basis founded in the official rules to do it, ” said Segrt.

He reminded that he took office in March, four months after the events in Bijelo Polje hospital, and that he even in that period pointed to the omission, announcing the eventual court proceedings, but in no case by new violation of regulations.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro