Đorđe comes to Montenegro for the second time

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Whenever the media publishes results of public opinion research, part of the political scene, unsatisfied with the results, announces that the results are “skewed, ordered, falsified”. Experts mostly agree that the publishing of such results has little or no influence on the voters. Still, the frustration of those who fall behind produces a need to discredit the authors of the research.

We can lie better

Although the results that come from different agencies such as Ipsos, Cedem or Cemi mostly get confirmed on the elections, the critics do not give up on their negative campaigning and saying that the research was bought by this or that political party.

Trapped in their own delusion of political worth, that is still to be confirmed in the real life politics of Montenegro, the critics do nothing to improve their ratings, but keep insisting on “their truth”, losing elections.

Lately, keeping with the attitude that all research is “false”, DF launched a new model based on a thesis “if they are lying, we can lie better!” They sometimes published falsified research, in a mute attempt to spin the public.

Falsified research

On September 7th of last year, a research was published and presented by Đorđe Vukadinović. Montenegrin public was at first surprised with the results, that claimed that DF’s rating improved for 23% in just a month. This research also claimed that DPS’s ratings were law. Đorđe Vukadinović said he does not know who made this research, and that he was only there to present it.

However, Đorđe Vukadinović is among Montenegrins for the second time, presenting new research, done by his center New Serbian Political Idea.

He is the editor of said center, euro-sceptic and against NATO integration.

Reality check in Tivat

All serious research demonstrated that DPS has the biggest support, between 41% and 45%.

DF remains at 10%, as well as Demos. SNP is almost there, although they have seen a drop in support due to party turbulences.

Bečić’s party holds 7%, and URA and SDP around 5%.

Practical check of these results was at the local elections in Tivat. DPS rating was confirmed with 44,7%, while SNP and SDP flunked.

DF did not participate in these elections. However, the elections in Tivat saw the biggest voter turn out in recent history. That speaks volumes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro