Doskozil: Austria remains neutral, Montenegro belongs in the Alliance

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I am firmly convinced that the region must look for ways to provide stabilization. Today, things are happening very quickly, a few months ago no one would have believed that the United Kingdom will exit the EU. So the region needs to focus on the road that brings stabilization. I think the way to stabilization of the region is the way to the Alliance, said the Austrian Minister of Defense and Sport, Hans Peter Doskozil, in an interview for Pobjeda daily.

He points out that the concept of neutrality is not questioned in Austria, but notes that his country takes part in the common defense policy of the European Union.

Doskozil said he could see on the ground that the results of very demanding changes in Montenegro are excellent.

“Austria is interested in a good cooperation, and if we are able to maintain this level of cooperation until 2017, it will really demonstrate a deep mutual respect. It is at this level that we want to create new structures and expand”, he said.

He also mentioned the problem of terrorism.

“Currently in Austria, we are trying to find an answer to this question, to know which things should be solved at the national level and which should not. We are currently in the process of discussion. Then, we need to see how our conclusions fit into the project of the European Union and how they fit into our common defense policy in Europe. That is why I am convinced that Europe’s defense policy must be created mutually. I think that’s the most important knowledge that we have learned from the current situation”, said Doskozil.

Migrant crisis and Brexit have shaken the European Union and its society in full. He explains the lessons that Europe can learn from this very complicated situation.

“The main lesson is that Europe is currently not dealing with the problems of its citizens. Europe has failed to implement joint procedures for asylum, to secure its external borders, and it also failed with the readmission of those whose request for asylum was negatively resolved. This is just one piece of the migration issue. We also continue to raise questions whether we are a social, friendly and secure community. These are all questions to which I’d have to answer negatively”, stresses Doskozil.

He spoke about the future of the EU as well.

“As for the future.. The Union has long been talking about the last chance for Europe, and I think it’s high time that the Commission recognizes this and offers a solution for these problems. Otherwise, something that is already a trend will grow further, that members themselves must find their own solutions and implement them on their own. In order to prevent this, Europe needs strong personalities who are able to focus on national interests as well. At the moment, I don’t see these strong personalities as leaders of the most powerful European institutions”, concluded Doskozil.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro