DPS and the people taking a safe step

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After certain media published that DPS borrowed the motto Safe Step from Socialist Party of Serbia, DPS reacted. They said that attempts of certain media and political centers to make their motto compromised by comparing it with those of neighboring country’s party appears to be a sign of inferiority. They say they are pleased to see these center have such a lack of true arguments that they must use those that make no sense.

“Opposition media say that this motto has been used in Serbia, but it was not used as election motto, just for a one-time party event. Their web surfing could have also revealed that Ključ coalition already exists and that it is not some original marketing idea, because DF’s mottos have already been used in Serbian and Montenegrin campaigns”, DPS statement reads.

In any case, they say, this motto will be victorious as were all before it, because they do not deal with empty words but concrete results.

“We have goals that we want to accomplish together with Montenegrin people, and we are taking Montenegrin, European, safe step ahead”, their statement concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro