DPS aspires to win at the elections

DPS leader Milo Djukanovic said that his party aspires to win at the next parliamentary elections, noting that their goal is reaching European quality of life.

At a session of the Council for monitoring the implementation of the electoral program of the DPS, Djukanovic said that, thanks to its stability, Montenegro ensured economic growth.

Economic development until the year 2020 will be one of the main topics at today’s session of the Council for monitoring the implementation of the DPS electoral program.

“We think that we managed to successfully overcome the previous political and security questions, and that today, we in Montenegro, have a reliable stability. We have a well-paved way of development and, within the of EU and NATO integrations, we have a good paved way for economic reforms. We have already started dynamic economic growth, which should be the mainstay of the overall development,” said Djukanovic, adding that in recent months in Montenegro we have had certain political processes with the aim to jeopardize the basis of everything we achieved so far.

“Foundation of our achievements is stability … We believe that the latest experiences have confirmed that Montenegro has built a reliably immunity to defend itself against the attacks on such a crucial achievement,” DPS president said.

And since the stability, as he said, is not threatened, he stated that they should talk about what needed to be done in stability.

Djukanovic reiterated that the next year is the election year in Montenegro.

“We aspire to win the elections and aspire to remain the main pillar of the Montenegrin Government by 2020. Today’s session is also an overture to our conversations about what we will offer to the citizens of Montenegro in the election campaign ahead of the parliamentary elections,” Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic said that the current government in this term led Montenegro to the door of NATO, adding that he expected an invitation in early December.

In addition, according to the president of DPS, Montenegro has also been successful on the path towards the European Union.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro