DPS candidate will win

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The candidate of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) will be the winner of the presidential elections because it is the need of Montenegro and its citizens, said Milutin Simovic, the official of the party and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

At today’s press conference he said that he did not want to comment on the allegations that he was a possible DPS candidate for the president of the state.

“What I can convince you is that the DPS candidate will surely be the winner of the presidential elections, reiterating that this is a need for Montenegro, for its stability, its further integration efforts, and that it is the need of all citizens of Montenegro,” said Simovic.

Commenting on the opposition’s allegations that his department abuses state resources in the run-up to the elections in Berane, Simovic said that it was true that he was in that town on Saturday, after returning from Andrijevica where he had meetings, “as it is also true that he was last week in Zabljak and in Bijelo Polje”.

“As it is true that today I will be in Niksic too, and tomorrow probably in another municipality, but with one single intent, not motivated by political reasons and actions, but to talk with good hosts and busy and successful entrepreneurs, to hear their suggestions and suggestions, to define certain common answers to what their problems are on the ground,” Simovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro