DPS considers report sharp – opposition thinks it is realistic

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The day after the State Department issued a report for Montenegro for last year, in which the main marks are – the impunity of government officials for corruption, non-efficient implementation of anti-corruption laws, attacks and pressure on journalists, the media and civil sector representatives who criticize the government, undermined the trust of citizens the election – reaction by the authorities and the opposition are divided.

While the first think that the report marks are sharp, others estimate that the problems in Montenegro are presented realistically. Representative of the Democratic Party of Socialists Obrad Stanisic said for a daily ‘’Pobjeda‘’ that report of the State Department was sharp, but that it has been seriously considered.

“Corruption is a problem in our country when it comes to human rights, but we are not the only one in the region and beyond. Some marks when it comes to the fight against corruption does not correspond with reports on the progress of our country coming from Brussels, in which it is said that progress in all areas can be noticed”, Stanisic said.

Unlike him, vice-president of the Civic Movement URA Dritan Abazovic believes that the report of the State Department for Montenegro is very realistic.

“I think the report is a diplomatic slap to the current regime in Montenegro. The story of our phenomenal progress and achieved results both in the fight against corruption and in creating a democratic environment fall into the water showing it as a classic demagoguery”, Abazovic said for daily ‘’Pobjeda’’.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro