DPS: DF is threatening with street violence again

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Instead of pompously announced gathering, which was supposed to marks anniversary of devastating protests, Democratic Front’s rally was reduced to a few hundred people who were roaming along the streets of Podgorica, sang chetnik songs and called the Demos’s interior minister out, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) stated after last night’s DF’s march in Podgorica.

“This just confirms that Medojevic, Mandic and Knezevic are torn between the demands of their foreign mentors and the original wishes of their electorate and in a feverish attempt to find an exit strategy from the campaign imposed upon them, which obviously does not provide the desired results”, DPS said in the statement.

Faced with the fact that the number of people on their rallies is decreasing on a daily basis, Mandic and Medojevic have realised that they will not manage to gain politic benefit with offensive attacks against only one man, so they were ordered to immediately change the strategy.

“Now the attacks are directed towards the Key coalition (URA, Demos, SNP) and their former comrade Danilovic, since they are aware that they may get some votes from the Demos’ electorate. Thus, Mandic in despair directly calls the Key’s voters to vote for DF and thus mitigate their certain defeat. However, DF goes a step further and announces that the only legitimate elections are those in which they win! When such a thesis is said by someone like Branko Radulovic, then it sounds comically, but in fact it is tragic and dangerous, because it shows the willingness of this clique to provoke riots in Montenegro again like a year ago, in order for them to get into power and achieve the goals targeted by their mentors bypassing the elections”, DPS said.

The party added that neither all the money received from abroad, nor foreign mentors’ instructions can help Mandic and Medojevic to justify the invested money by the election result in the democratic elections on 16 October.

“The only option they have is street violence, which the state authorities will have an uncompromising response to”, DPS concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro