DPS: Electoral process endangered by DF

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A lot of members and supporters of the Democratic Party of Socialists have recently contacted the party to report cases of Democratic Front’s aggressive campaign, DPS stated.

“Throughout Montenegro their activists jeopardise people’s privacy, visit their homes and blatantly offer money, jobs, writing electricity and other utility debts off, just to vote for them, or not to vote for DPS. Young people are particularly targeted – they are paid to wear T-shirts and other equipment with DF logo and daily payments range from €10 in Kotor to €15 in Pljevlja plus food and transport expenses covered. Of course they do not miss the opportunity to publicly present them as DF supporters. DF activists do this shamelessly, visiting even the most remote villages in groups”, DPS claims.

According to the party, this corresponds to DF leaders’ announcements related to behaviour on election day.

“Some of the activities they plan, such as ‘jerseys changing’, were presented by Nebojsa Medojevic at press conference. Of course, he tried to hide their intentions by accusations against DPS”, DPS stated.

DPS clearly said that the party will advocate that all state authorities do their job responsibly until the elections and on the day of their implementation, and that all perpetrators are promptly and appropriately sanctioned.

“Other dishonest activities, such as ballots or even personal documents forgery attempts in order to attribute that to the authorities and DPS, are not ruled out either. And Nebojsa Medojevic virtually announced that in his statement”, DPS added.

“These and similar illegal actions will certainly be fully investigated in the regular procedure. Therefore, everyone has a huge responsibility in order for the electoral process to be fully regular and transparent”, DPS stated.

DPS will inform the OSCE monitoring mission about this “and do everything possible to provide the maximum contribution to the maintenance of fair and free elections, which is in the best interests of Montenegro and its citizens”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro