DPS: Government is achieving the goal, Demos acts responsibly; URA is not mentioned

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DPS Presidency stated the government of electoral trust was achieving its goal, which is why it welcomes Demos’s decision to stay a part of the executive branch. The presidency did not comment on the URA Civic Movement’s decision to leave the government in the statement it released after a five-hour session of DPS leadership in Podgorica. DPS said again that it would win the upcoming general elections on 16 October and added that its members and supporters had a unique position that the best result would be achieved if the party run in the elections independently.

“Considering the current political situation, the DPS Presidency believes the government of electoral trust worked well and finds this concept of executive branch is achieving the goal it was formed for. In this context, it welcomes the decision of the Demos decision-making body as a sign of responsibility towards the common commitments”, DPS stated.

This party is satisfied with the achievements of the party’s network related to the election on 16 October.

“At today’s session, chaired by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, DPS Presidency discussed the activities of the party before the upcoming general elections scheduled for 16 October and expressed satisfaction with the results the party network achieved”, DPS stated.

“All the relevant data support the fact that DPS will achieve another election victory and remain the basis of the future government. The presidency has registered a unified message of party members and supporters from all parts of Montenegro that the best result would be achieved if the party run in the elections independently. The DPS decision-making bodies will soon make a formal decision on it”, the party said.

They add that the Presidency adopted the Decision on the principles, criteria, methods, deadlines and the procedure for the nomination and selection of candidates for the DPS MPs in the Parliament of Montenegro and members of municipal assemblies, which will be held local elections.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro