DPS has 40.4% of voter support

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Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is by far the strongest party in Montenegro, according to two surveys on citizens’ support of political parties, reports Antena M. It is followed by the Democratic Front (DF) with 13.6 percent support. 10.5 percent would vote for Demos, Democrats have 7.5 percent, the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) 4.9 percent, URA four percent.

According to the survey, above the cenzus are also the Social Democratic Party (SDP) with 3.9 percent, the Bosniak Party (BS) with 3.7 and the Social Democrats (SD) with 3.4 percent, while the first below the cenzus is Positive Montenegro with 2.4 percent.

The survey was also done by an NGO from Podgorica. According to the survey DPS is supported by 43.1 percent of voters. 11.1 percent would vote for DF, 10.3 for Demos, 8.8 for SNP and 7.2 percent for Democrats.

SDP with 4.2 per cent and the URA with 4.1 are almost tied and only one more, the BS, is above cenzus with 3.5 percent. Nearest to the census, according to the survey, are SD with 2.2 and Positive with 2.2 percent of voters support.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro