DPS has never threatened

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has never threatened the independence of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the president of DPS Milo Djukanovic said today, stating that all he had to say about that, he showed by arriving to the Congress of the Social Democrats.

Asked whether he believes that the SDP leader Ranko Krivokapic was thinking on DPS when, after his re-election for party president, said that SDP independence was defended, Djukanovic said no.

“No. I have never thought so, because you do not need to defend yourself from someone who, in no way jeopardizes anyone’s independence, starting from independence of coalition partners.

Everything I have to say on the subject I have said it by coming to the Congress of the SDP and in the message I have conveyed on behalf of DPS,” Djukanovic said in Budva at the 2BS Forum.

The message was clear and open for coopeartion for everybody who is sharing the same political values and wants to bring good to Montenegro.

Asked to comment the allegations that the SDP-DPS coalition may not wait together the invitation for NATO, he said that it is realistic that Montenegro would welcome the call by the end of the year.

“I am convinced in that based on the results we have achieved, and ruling coalition had great deal in it. Membership in NATO is not a membership of Government, but of society and the State. We all worked for that, but, logically, the majority of work has to be done by the ruling coalition,” Djukanovic said.

According to Djukanovic, the ruling coalition has renewed its independence, preserved the stability of the country and spared it from war, brought it closer to the NATO and helped Montenegro to move stably and dynamically on the way to European Union.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro