DPS initiated Branko Radulović’s replacement

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In order to defend the dignity of Montenegrin Parliament and the function of its Vice President, DPS will submit an initiative to replace Branko Radulović.

Aside from the verbal incident started by DF, Radulović yesterday offended the Prime Minister many times, and said “if it was not for me, you would have been killed long ago!”.

“Yesterday’s scandal in Montenegro’s Parliament occurred when DF representatives verbally attacked Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, and Vice President Branko Radulović and his DF colleague Janko Vučinić tried to physically attack him. The only goals was to have DF back in the political arena, after their most recent series of political failures, starting with failed protests, ending with the most recent IPSOS research. What they did achieve is lose support in public and endear DPS to at least 5% more voters than the existing 45%”, they said in DPS.

They added that the representative Janko Vučinić, boxer famous for his violent behaviour, took a political knock out in the Parliament yesterday.

“His political recovery is hardly possible even with breaking windows of the irrelevant Workers’ Party that he leads in his hometome Nikšić. There are speculations that he himself had it organized. In politics, you need to be smart, educated and reasonable, all of which is difficult for him. He is left to count down his last days in politics”, they said in DPS.

Branko Radulović has the same obligation as Ranko Krivokapić and other leadership of the Parliament, to preserve the dignity of the Parliament of Montenegro and to act according to the Regulation, Ethical Code and an oath he took when he was elected.

“However, after a series of other incidents and humiliations to the institution of the Parliament he made during his mandate, including his 9 month long boycott, Radulović dared to speak the most primitive words in the Parliament yesterday. He tried to physically deal with his opponents. This is violent and thug behavior from anyone, let alone Vice President in the Parliament. We are certain that this warrants reconsideration of his function. We are happy to hear that the Supreme Court has decided to take a look at the facts of the events in the Parliament yesterday, which will provide an excellent opportunity for Radulović to explain what he meant by saying “if it was not for me, you would have been killed long ago!” to the Prime Minister in front of the whole Montenegrin public”, they concluded in DPS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro