DPS is falling apart and they don’t dare to go into elections

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The leader of the ‘’Ura’’ Party Dritan Abazovic announced that the party will not end the boycott of the Parliament of Montenegro. He also said that the ‘’Ura’’ is ready to talk about returning to parliament only when DPS gives a date for the early parliamentary elections.

Abazovic met with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Montenegro Arne S. Bjornstad today.

“The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is falling apart and therefore they are afraid of giving a date for early parliamentary elections. The consequence of the chaotic situation in the DPS is their disastrous results in all fields, especially the economic field.

The latest socio-economic card of Montenegrin citizens speaks of the failure of the policy of the current government and shows the extent to which the government has actually destroyed the standard of the citizens of Montenegro. Last May, the URA offered its vision of economic development of the country through the Economic Program – Job for everybody’’, Abazovic said.

He told the ambassador that Ura is intensely preparing for all local elections in the upcoming period.

“We are constantly in the field where we get good feedback from citizens, which encourages us to continue to work continuously, convinced that the trend of changes which has already begun will continue until the final fall of autocratic power, that is inevitability. We are preparing to offer citizens our vision of the development of education and health too, in order to offer concrete solutions to problems in these areas,” Abazovic stressed.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro