DPS: Lekić criticizing Lekić

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Not so many politicians have the ability of Miodrag Lekić to speak too much while saying too little. His latest statement on Veliu’s visit to Montenegro proves this. He did not manage to say what he wanted, and no one really understood what he did say, they said in DPS.

DPS knows one thing for certain about this visit – Lekić could have informed his vice president and Minister of Interior Affairs Goran Danilović on this matter, because it is within his obligations to determine the control of foreign citizens’ entrance.

“Lekić is criticizing himself, with an aim to divide Montenegro. He is making peace with DF, that have been attacking Demos lately. This is why Lekić finds subjects such as an anonymous Albanian important”, DPS said.

According to them, his hypocrisy is clear when criticized Đukanović for politics in the 90s, when he was a part of the government as well.

“Luckily for Montenegro, Lekić soon left to be an ambassador for Milošević, then became loyal to Koštunica in his fight against Montenegrin independence. Now he wants to defend Montenegro from Veliu, who seems more honest than Lekić, because he is fighting for his state, albeit in a wrong manner”, they said in DPS.

Lekić should not worry about Montenegro.

“Montenegro cannot be destabilized by Veliu’s book or Lekić’s media tirades. He should be more worried about Danilović taking over his party so soon before the elections”, DPS stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro