DPS on Medojevic: Treason as a family business

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The criminal charges filed against Nebojsa Medojevic’s closest associates and relatives is another confirmation of DPS allegations that Democratic Front (DF) financed its campaign with illegal money received from abroad, the Democratic party of Socialist (DPS) stated.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that Nebojsa Medojevic’s closest associate, his driver and brother in law, was stopped the day after the elections, in a brand new ‘Audi’ with $30,000 and €18,000 in it. This scandalous case obviously was not a sufficient reason for Nebojsa Medojevic to make a statement. Probably fearing that this will further clear up the allegations of foreign financiers who gave money to DF leaders to work against their country, Medojevic is trying to divert public attention by making fun of the American donation to Vladimir Nazor school, instead of explaining where all that money came from”, DPS said in the statement.

Nevertheless, as they add, the facts cannot be hidden – because Medojevic is always followed by “dirty money”.

“Starting from mafia clans and controversial tycoons who paid him in Belgrade, through the interest that he gained by usury to tens of thousands of dollars from foreign mentors in exchange for betraying his country… DF leaders are mistaken if they believe that the elections completion means also completion of the story on their sordid role of foreign mercenaries. DPS will insist that each case of undermining the state which is funded from illegal flows gets the appropriate legal epilogue and eagerly expects results of the announced prosecutorial investigation”, the party added.

After settling down the politicized fuss made by Medojevic and his clique, they will be forced to face justice and the rule of law on which they insist so much.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro