DPS: Opposition in power – the most decent name for SDP

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It is completely understandable how cautious SDP is these days, where they’re just waiting for any excuse given by DPS to fill in their daily quota of announcements. The panic is also understandable, because after 18 years in power they are losing their last seat these days, the one in the parliament, which Krivokapic is desperately holding onto for the last couple of months, hoping that he’ll remain there until the 21st of may in 2016, it was said from Democratic party of socialists.

“Let us remind them that, while all the other parties more or less contributed to the signing of the agreement, it was only their president and party leader and former president of the parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic who didn’t follow on his publicly given word that his position will not be an obstacle for the Agreement that was reported by all the media on 19th and 20th of February this year. Three months later, it would be very useful for Montenegrin public that SDP gives the reasons why is their president still in a custom made the highest seat in the parliament”, it was said from DPS.

The best thing for SDP, before they dive further into paranoid conspiracy theories, would be to return to basic lessons in political systems, on any faculty here or abroad.

“They will find explanations there on what is political power and how it works. Since no political theory or practice has ever met anything like SDP – to sit three years within the power and to do everything possible to tear it down – naturally a new name had to be constructed for this, and “opposition in power” is the most decent name in this case.

When it comes to DPS victories, they said that they don’t remember that during many elections in previous 18 years, and there were many, SDP had any objection to them.

“With the possibility that we might have missed something, we are asking SDP to remind us and the public when and where did they ever complain about results or legitimacy of any elections since 1997 until today”, it was said from DPS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro