DPS or the opposition? Pajovic does not want cooperation with revolutionaries from the street

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While waiting for the Positive Montenegro’s decision on how to run in the elections on 16 October, journalists wanted to know whether the party is closer to the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) or some opposition parties.

“There is no cooperation with those who deny Montenegrin independence, those who oppose the pro-Western course of the state and those who are against Europe and NATO. There is no revolution and change of government from the street. But there will be peaceful and democratic political changes that are necessary for all of us”, said the party leader and the parliament speaker Darko Pajovic.

“All others are more than welcome. I believe that all of us should work on prosperous, peaceful democratic change, but with an important thing – there should be no change of pro-Western course of Montenegro in the future, there should be no revolution, changing the government from the street and demolition of Montenegro”, he said.

Therefore, he pointed out that all the others are more than welcome.

Pajovic said that PCG was getting ready to run in the elections independently.

“The party decision-making bodies are to verify that next week. We’ll see”, he said at a press conference in Podgorica. At the press conference, Ranko Djonovic was introduced as chairman of the party’s political council.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro