DPS research last twitch of Marovic

Publishing results of public opinion research commissioned by the DPS, according to which the party has the support of 42 percent, and some opposition parties in the announcement, which are not yet gathered any law required 200 signatures in court, more than 5 percent, represents the latest political twitch of Svetozar Marovic before Congress DPS is held, the Democratic Front (DF) assessed.

Reacting to the survey done by Ipsos agency, the DF states that it sounds almost “as SF movie, information that DPS has the support of over 40 percent of the citizens”.

“At the time when Montenegro, thanks to this party is in a phase of economic, social, security or any other collapse,” the DF said.

DF, as they pointed out, has no doubt that a study is published just at the moment of their field campaign in Montenegro.

“Unfortunately, in addition to DPS trying to obstruct established activities of DF it is more than clear that this kind of spinning of public opinion suits and some opposition parties that do not want the organization of protest, by promoting policy of ‘haze’ in which there is no clear position and determination, except that they are not ready to join citizens to protest in order to achieve common goals “, the DF concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro