DPS: Some of negotiations participants use the language of ultimatums and blackmail again

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At a time when reaching finalisation of the political agreement is expected, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) regrets to note that some of the process participants use the language of ultimatums and blackmail again.

“Montenegrin public rightfully expects the agreement to be achieved, but it is obvious that some of the negotiations participants want to maintain the status quo of this process as long as possible, in order to keep their posts”, DPS stated, responding to the statement by the Demos leader Miodrag Lekic. Among other things, Lekic stated that the agreement might not be signed until the director of the public broadcaster TVCG, Radojka Rutovic, resigned.

DPS also has a clear message for the participants of the negotiation process.

“In order to reach a final agreement and find the best solutions for disputable issues, the participants of the negotiations would be expected to replace the language of ultimatums and blackmail with readiness to continue the dialogue. Also, some of them will provide the best possible contribution to reaching the final agreement by withdrawing from the post which has not belong to them for some time”, DPS stated.

Despite such tones, DPS will remain committed to the constructive role it plays in this process and give full contribution to achieving final agreement.

“This is the only adequate political response to current political developments in Montenegro and the best commitment to further democratic and Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro”, the party added.

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